Credit Repair on Steroids….Credit Warfare provides you with the knowledge you need to form a plan of action to deal with any Credit Repair or Debt collection issue. Most importantly Credit Warfare will help you sleep at night knowing you have the power to remove negative credit from your credit reports on your own legally and protect yourself from any further debt collection attacks including from attorneys.

Complete with legal references, source material, copies of relevant Credit Reporting and Debt Collection Law, Sample letters and Step by Step Strategies all written in a easy to follow narrative making Credit Warfare a One of a Kind Source for Consumers facing Credit Repair and or Debt Collection Challenges.

S. Louis Blisko has been writing, speaking and teaching credit repair / debt collection strategy for more than 25 years. Attorneys, CPAs, Real Estate and other professionals have relied on his knowledge and research to assist their clients with credit and debt problems of all types and complexity.

Credit Warfare Can Help You Retake Control of Your Financial Life, Fix Your Credit Problems and Handle any Debt Collection Issue on Your Own in Short Order.